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How to install SSL on my domain without dedicated IP address?

Is it possible to install SSL on my domain domain which has shared IP address? It’s hosted on a cPanel server?

Yeah, it’s possible! We TwinBee supports SSL on all domains on our shared servers, which does not depend on the IP address associated with the domain. You do not have a dedicated IP address to purchase and install SSL on your domain.

Concept of SNI (Server Name Indicator)

SNI is a word directly related with Apache SSL service. Former, we need dedicated IP addresses for domains which we wish to install SSL on it. We couldn’t install SSL certificate on a domain using shared IP address.

SNI allows a hosting server to use or share only one IP address to host thousands of virtual hosts each with its own dedicated SSL certificates. This concept solved the problem of dedicated IP for domains.

At the start of the “handshake” process, SNI indicates the hostname to which the client connects. Users who are on shared servers that support SNI can install their own certificates without a dedicated IP address.

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The Apache module “mod_gnutls” uses the GnuTLS library to provide SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and 1.2 encryption for Apache HTTPD. It is similar to mod_ssl in purpose, but does not use OpenSSL.

Getting a dedicated IP address for a domain is an extra cost on your business. And its cost vary from DC to DC. Hosting companies may charge $1 or $2 per month for a single dedicated IP address.

cPanel/WHM supports SNI feature since 11.38 version. So you are free to install SSL on any domains on the server. From the version 11.58 (58), they (cPanel) providing free Comodo certificate for all domains on the server.

This is a great idea to reduce the need of dedicated IP address, thus the total cost of your hosting product.

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