Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Important cPanel Directories and Files

Today we will help you familiarize with important files and directory within cPanel servers. By default the cPanel is installed to /usr/local/cpanel + 3rdparty/ – tools like fantastico, mailman files are located here + addons/ – AdvancedGuestBook, phpBB etc + base/ – phpmyadmin, squirrelmail, skins, webmail etc + bin/ – cpanel binaries + cgi-sys/ – cgi files like cgiemail, formmail.cgi, ... Read More »

How to install SSL on my domain without dedicated IP address?

Is it possible to install SSL on my domain domain which has shared IP address? It’s hosted on a cPanel server? Yeah, it’s possible! We TwinBee supports SSL on all domains on our shared servers, which does not depend on the IP address associated with the domain. You do not have a dedicated IP address to purchase and install SSL ... Read More »

Upgrade OpenSSL in Linux Server, Applicable to cPanel servers also.

OpenSSL is a cryptography library which help us to implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols for commercial and non-commercial purposes. As name suggests it is open source. We have noticed a couple of SSL vulnerabilities recently. Facing issues while upgrading to latest version ? When new updates comes in OpenSSL, we will try to install ... Read More »

Bandwidth exceeded error while accessing the domain

It’s strange and frustrating. Still showing the bandwidth exceeded error on browser when we try to access the domain even after resting the bandwidth. Did you face this error? here we go for a solution! Question We have recently faced and issue with a cPanel domain. When we tried to reset the bandwidth usage of a user as he/she was ... Read More »

[Solved] A running easyapache process was detected – cPanel

What is EasyApache? EasyApache is software that installs, modifies, and validates your Apache web server, PHP, Tomcat, and other components of your web server. WHM’s EasyApache interface (Home >> Software >> EasyApache) provides an interface that allows you to select which components you want EasyApache to install. You do not have to use EasyApache, but it provides a convenient and ... Read More »