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How to do IMAP Sync, Email migration using imapsync

Email migration is always a head ache when it comes to do between platforms like windows to linux.  Also we may face issues, when it is done using migration tools sometimes mail will not get migrated completely. We can do the email migration easly from whatever platforms to linux using IMAPSync. Since it is done based on protocol(IMAP) and not ... Read More »

How to managing services with systemd in CentOS/RedHat7 ?

In most of the linux distributions init daemon is going to be replaced with systemd deamon.  It has been already replaced in some distributions as Fedora is the first to do the same.  Also in Centos 7 and Redhat 7 the init deamon is is replaced with systemd. Similar to  init daemon systemd is the parent process of all other ... Read More »

What is kernelCare?

An intro to KernelCare technology KernelCare is  a live patching service which help admins to install all security patches and bugfixes without rebooting the sever.  Once installed in the server KernelCare agent will continuously check for patches available for currently running kernel. Once a patches available KernelCare agent will download it and install it in the server. What are the ... Read More »

How to enable TLS1.2 in apache?

As we know that the TLS1.2 is the only secure version of TLS available. We can enable TLS1.2 in Apache. Check current TLS version using the command below: openssl ciphers -v | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq Before enabling the TLS1.2 in apache, we have to check that if “ssl_module” is enabled in the server. Use the below ... Read More »

Upgrade OpenSSL in Linux Server, Applicable to cPanel servers also.

OpenSSL is a cryptography library which help us to implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols for commercial and non-commercial purposes. As name suggests it is open source. We have noticed a couple of SSL vulnerabilities recently. Facing issues while upgrading to latest version ? When new updates comes in OpenSSL, we will try to install ... Read More »

What is Sticky Bit in linux

What is Sticky Bit in linux? Sticky bit is a “flag” added to a directory/file to avoid removing/renaming it by user other than the owner or root. Please check the below scenario: Create a directory named “twinbee” mkdir twinbee Give all the users read-write-execute access to it chmod 777 twinbee Check the permission using the command as shown below: ls ... Read More »

Bandwidth exceeded error while accessing the domain

It’s strange and frustrating. Still showing the bandwidth exceeded error on browser when we try to access the domain even after resting the bandwidth. Did you face this error? here we go for a solution! Question We have recently faced and issue with a cPanel domain. When we tried to reset the bandwidth usage of a user as he/she was ... Read More »

SMTP authentication issues – Plesk

Plesk is one of the commonly using web hosting control panels. Here we discuss some SMTP settings in Plesk server. Some times we will face SMTP authentication issues, when we try to send mails via RoundCube SMTP authentication fails with SMTP Error (250): Authentication failed. When we try to send mails from RoundCube you will receive a message in the ... Read More »

[Solved] A running easyapache process was detected – cPanel

What is EasyApache? EasyApache is software that installs, modifies, and validates your Apache web server, PHP, Tomcat, and other components of your web server. WHM’s EasyApache interface (Home >> Software >> EasyApache) provides an interface that allows you to select which components you want EasyApache to install. You do not have to use EasyApache, but it provides a convenient and ... Read More »

[Solved] Container already locked – OpenVZ

As we know, OpenVZ is a container-based virtualization for Linux. OpenVZ creates multiple secure, isolated Linux containers (otherwise known as VEs or VPSs) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not conflict. Each container performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server; a container can be rebooted independently and have root access, users, ... Read More »