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How to find email sending scripts location?

Command line tips & tricks to find out Spam emailing scripts location! Are you really getting struggled for┬ádealing Spam issues? Read this blog post to get relaxed, and stay away from Spamming! Spamming can occur in many ways. In this article, I’m going to explain the steps to identify and mitigate Spamming through scripts. This can occur in many ways. ... Read More »

How to install SSL on my domain without dedicated IP address?

Is it possible to install SSL on my domain domain which has shared IP address? It’s hosted on a cPanel server? Yeah, it’s possible! We TwinBee supports SSL on all domains on our shared servers, which does not depend on the IP address associated with the domain. You do not have a dedicated IP address to purchase and install SSL ... Read More »

Managing Linux RPM packages – how to?

As a server admin, you people must have the knowledge of how to manage Linux RPMs via command line. Redhat Package Manager is abbreviated as RPM. Managing Linux packages via RPM commands should be a little tougher than managing it via YUM. Using yum command should be better than rpm command after Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, since it can ... Read More »

How to create new Addon domain on cPanel

This is a special feature which can be added from the cPanel account itself. By using Addon feature you can add more than one domains to your existing cPanel account. Also you can define your own document root for the newly creating Addon domains. If you do not have an Addon Domain icon in your cPanel, then your hosting plan ... Read More »

How to log into my cPanel account – TwinBee

Hey this is simple to login into to your cPanel account. You can use either the domain name or the server’s hostname to connect to the control panel. You can manage a lot of things from the cPanel account. You can use any of the following ways to access the panel. Without SSL http://your##domain:2082 http://your##domain/cpanel Do you’ve SSL certificate? then ... Read More »